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Hydrolysed Marine Collagen

Hydrolysed Marine Collagen

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100% Pure Hydrolysed Collagen Protein. Manufactured in ISO 9001 Site.

Type I (1) and III (3) Collagen hydrolysate for maximum solubility, absorption, and efficiency as well as minimal taste and smell.


4 Reasons You Need This Product:

  • Improved skin firmness and Reduced wrinkles.
  • Improves hair and bone density.
  • Supports joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.
  • Supports gums, teeth, eyes, and blood vessels.
Product Overview

100% pure hydrolysed collagen protein.

Manufactured in ISO 9001 site. Type I (1) and Ill (3) collagen hydrolysate for maximum solubility, absorption and efficacy as well as minimal taste and smell.


Marine Collagen has an affect on:

  • SKIN: Human clinical studies have shown that daily oral usage of our collagen improved skin firmness and reduced wrinkles on belly, face and forearm. Additionally it showed preventative effect against skin dehydration.
  • JOINT HEALTH: Type 1 collagen is the most frequently occurring collagen in the body. It is present in skin (75%), placenta, bones (90%) tendons and ligaments (80-86%). Our collagen can provide the amino acids which make up for collagen in these tissues. Furthermore it may also increase the dietary absorption of calcium.
  • WOUND HEALING: Amino acids found in collagen are a critical components in fibroblast formation, wound contraction and scar formation.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: As a dietary protein it plays a role in weight management due to protein's effects on satiety.
  • Nutrition Profile

    Ingredients: Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (derived from Fish)

    Gluten Free: Yes

    Allergen Warning: Fish

    Dairy Free: Yes

    Size: 400g/Up to 80 servings

    Suggested Use

    Directions for use: 

    Add 5 grams (1 x scoop) to 250ml of water or juice, shake well. Consume once or twice per day. To ensure optimum digestion and absorption of amino acids, consume collagen powder on an empty stomach, at least 30 minutes before a meal.


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