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FISH OILS OMEGA-3 100CAPS - Genetic Nutrition
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Premium Omega 3s

3 Reasons You Need This Product

  • Very rich in EPA/DHA 
  • Helps with weight loss, cardiac health and brain function 
  • Incredibly low heavy metal content 
Product Overview
Genetic Supplements Fish Oils are an extremely premium source of Omega 3s! There are very few supplements which give as many health benefits across such a wide spectrum, along with assistance in fat loss.

Why Fish Oils? 

There are many different fish oils on the market, we know that. The reason our Fish Oils formula is superior is because of the extremely rich content of EPA and DHA. As such you only need 4 small capsules per day to achieve your 3g target. Often this would take up to 10 capsules from inferior alternatives!

Is This Product For Me? 

Generally everybody would benefit from using our Fish Oils. Improved cardiac health, better immune function, increased brain function and aided fat loss. What’s not to like?

When Should I Use It?

Take your Fish Oils with food, 1-3 times per day depending on dosage. We recommend 1-2 capsules per day depending on your weight.

Nutrition Profile

Ingredients: Omega 3 Fish Oil (50% EPA, 25% DHA), Gelatine (soft gel), Glycerol, Water.

Each 1000mg Soft gel contains: EPA 500mg, DHA 250mg

Genetic Fish Oils contain: <1ppm heavy metal and are guaranteed free from pesticides.

Gluten Free: Yes

Allergen Warning: Fish/Shellfish

Dairy Free: Yes

Size: 100 soft gels/up to 100 servings

Suggested Use

Directions For Use: 

Take 1-2 capsules with food, 1-3 times daily

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Vijay S.

Great Product

Everything i have ever brought has been top quality and always a great service. Great product, helps me get a lot of omega 3 in as I don’t eat fish


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