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      Genetic Life

      3 Nutrition Hacks For Instant Results

      3 Nutrition Hacks For Instant Results - Genetic Nutrition


      Today I'm going to give you some practical advice which can have an immediate impact on your:


      . Health

      . Performance

      . Fat loss

      . Energy levels


      I've been in this game for over 30 years, I've seen it all come and go. It's the basics which get overlooked today and I think it's because they aren't "trendy" enough for the faddy world we seem to live in today!


      This is a "no-nonsense" list for you to crack on with, trust me it'll help ya!


      1. Water

      There are very few things which can have such a dramatic effect on your health, performance, fat loss and overall energy than hydration. If this is even slightly off, all of these things will suffer. It's the main ingredient in the transportation of nutrients around the body. Do NOT underestimate the power of water - I'd personally recommend around 1 litre per 30kg of body weight as a veteran's (yeah, OK, miserable old b*****ds) guestimate.

      Oh, by the way… just to confuse you for one second…. just because I’ve told you to drink all this water, don’t assume the body is correctly hydrated. Something like a splash of EleteHydrate to one of your water servings is a good ‘insurance policy’ that ensures the minerals we need are present and correct. And please…..not water from the tap if possible. ‘Council Pop’ typically ain’t optimal ;-) !!


      2. Fibre

      Fibre can be split up into two lots - soluble and insoluble. Most people today don't eat enough and they are missing out on Soooo many benefits!! Not only that, the foods which we get fibre from (especially green veg!) are LOADED with phytonutrients and micronutrients which are absolutely brilliant for our health. Fibre will improve the health of your gut, help moderate insulin health and overall health.

      Get those greens in, if your mam didn't make you eat them as a child because you would ‘kick-off’ every time you saw a piece of broccoli and you still do, then ‘take a greens-shot’ (greens powder) ya Uncle Neil formulated for you fussy buggers! OK, you might not like this much either but at least it’s over quickly and you’re getting the goodness you need on board in a swift hit!


      3. Carb management

      Loads of people are offended by the "C" word as where I'm definitely NOT a carbo-phob. BUT, managing when you eat your carbs will help improve your energy. In my 3 plus decades learning about nutrition I've come to realise having your carbs later in the day usually works best. Here's why.

      Among other things, they cause a release in serotonin which is a "sleepy" hormone - not the sort of stuff you want bouncing around at 8am in the morning, aye?! Porridge and cereal for breakfast will be another topic for another rant.

      I will say though, ectomorphs usually function better on carbs throughout the day as well. But they are a minority!


      That's enough for one day, 3 GOLDEN tickets there for ya to crack on with man!

      4 Ways To Ramp Your Metabolism UP in the next 7 days!

      4 Ways To Ramp Your Metabolism UP in the next 7 days! - Genetic Nutrition

      Slow metabolism my arse mate, lets sort this out!!!

      Here are my 4 "go to" methods to increasing your metabolic rate.


      It's the fastest way to increase the metabolic rate. Shoot for 1 litre per 50lbs of body weight. (You'll be p***ing like a race horse!!)


      I firmly believe people train their metabolism to slow down by eating poor food, and not enough (spiked with binges). Eat more protein (1g per pound of lean body weight at least!) For starters.


      Lifting heavy ass weight with intensity will turn you into a calorie burning machine for the next 24 odd hours. Google EPOC!

      1. INTERVAL TRAINING (aka the Devils work)

      Never pleasant but highly effective for same reasons for point 3. Try this -

      Sprint all out for 20 seconds, rest for 40 seconds and repeat x 10-12 for starters.

      I'm out :)


      Over Training, or, Under Recovering?

      Over Training, or, Under Recovering? - Genetic Nutrition

      This is a really interesting topic, some say overtraining exists, others say it’s total nonsense and there are some who will say there’s the potential for under-recovery and overtraining. 

      It’s all sounds a bit complex like, but it doesn’t need to be.

      Common sense will tell you overtraining can occur because training 20 times a week would put you in the ground! We don’t need to be a pedantic smart-arse about it to realize that’s true, surely?

      Overtraining is rife among gym rats, Cross-Fitters, etc because they don’t appreciate how important giving the body time off to recover is. Their attitude is ‘more is better’ which couldn’t be further from the truth.

      I’m a BIG volume guy so I love training in big sessions and I like frequency, I only have one day a week off….. but I know my body can tolerate that - I’ve built up to it; I eat and sleep according to my training schedule and body’s needs and of course, I’m using all of the right supplements at the right time (more on the last two key points in a bit).

      In reality, most people are not doing these things, so they find that their body goes into a downward spiral where they ache all of the time, they feel weak, low on energy, lethargic and all the other s**t-sides associated with being in an overtrained state.

      So where does this leave us then?

      We all have a specific training tolerance that we can build up to and develop with gradual overload, provided the right ingredients are going into your mouth on a daily basis and we recognize how important sleep is like.

      So if your training volume is X you can look to bump it up by maybe one session a week and see how ya’ body responds to it. You’ll need to factor this in on a nutritional front like, and don’t forget your supplementation for recovery too.

      To avoid falling into a state of being under recovered there’s a lot ya’ can do to immediately dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s.

      1. Eat enough of the right food, at the right time to support workouts and re-fuelling after training. NO protein-fasted am workouts for instance! (Why people do this is beyond me like)
      2. Stay hydrated. Be very aware of how much water you take in each day!
      3. Manage cortisol and find the time to chill the f-out!
      4. Limit stimulant use. Avoid ‘pre-workouts’
      5. Help the body relax 

      Recovery is one of the major categories where supplementation does really come high up on the list like. In some areas, a good diet will do ya but with recovery we really want to be using supplements in my opinion man.

      Here are some of my ‘must-have’ supplements for recovery.

      1) Matrix Recover 2.0: This will give you the nutrients needed in the correct, scientifically proven dosages after your workout. This is like a ‘one-stop-shop’ for post-workout recovery. Give the body around 30 minutes to ‘stabilize’ after your session and then take a serving onboard that is representative of your workout. See the product page on the Genetic Supplements website for a bit more info here.

      2) Immune Support & CNS Recover: I’ve no spleen, so I designed this to be the ultimate in immune system support products. Keeping the Central Nervous System healthy is SO important for preventing a state of under-recovery from setting in. If you let your CNS get burnt out then muscle contractions will literally go to pot and ya’ immune system will start to suffer big style! If this is the case and we’ve pushed too far then we have my CNS Recover product to save the day…….trust me, if you’re CNS is frazzled this is the baby for you!

      3) EliteSleep: Sleep really is where recovery will happen. This is because our anabolic hormones will peak during deep sleep and your CNS will switch off allowing your muscles to properly relax. That’s IF ya’ doing things right man. Oh, you use pre-workouts and can’t sleep properly? Awesome things pre-workouts aren’t they? What a crock of shit! Anyways, off-topic again……..So, use my EliteSleep product or ZMA, avoid caffeine 6 hours before bed! Put the Adrenal Fatigue 24/7 pre-workout in the bin and let those muscles RELAX.

      Add in some long Genetic Epsom Salts soaks in the bath and you’ll have a great recovery regime in place. Also, other things which we can do to enhance our recovery would be:

      1. Frequent deep tissue massage ta’ break down scar muscle tissue
      2. Yoga to keep help the body stay supple. I have to admit I’m advising this from a remote perspective here by the way. I know a lot of people who employ yoga in their relaxation-regime but the Big Fella’s not one for the ‘Downward-Facing-Dog’ like but give it a go and let me know how it helps ;0)

      So, get your ‘recovery game’ on man and your growth will start to flourish again!

      Trust me on this one

      Is Your Coffee Right?

      Is Your Coffee Right? - Genetic Nutrition

      Who doesn't like coffee? I love the stuff and I bet you do too! 

      Now then, I know I blasted over use of caffeine awhile ago, so I know you’ve recalibrated your thinking about consumption, right?

      So assuming we now have a handle on the amount we take in, let’s look at how we drink it ;)

      I'm not going to get into comparing your choice of coffee with mine, or play coffee ‘Top Trumps’ with you coffee snobs out there……

      What I'm really getting at today is adding things to your coffee.

      Three things, such as:

      1. Virgin coconut oil
      2. Organic double cream
      3. Grass-fed butter

      Yup, fats!

      Now then, please pay attention here. It IS important that you understand the application and timings of the fats I mention as their additions can be of benefit or chuck a spanner in the works.

      Coconut oil is loaded with health benefits, it's great for cooking food in for example, or putting in your hair/rubbing on your body, if you’re into that type of thing. But it's also a great ingredient to stir in with ya favourite blend from your favourite continent. Here's why. . . . .

      Amongst other gut-health properties, coconut oil is very high in MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) which are a very good, quick source of energy. The liver metabolises MCT fats instantly, just like it would a fast acting carb….but without the crash. So what I'm saying is, have this in ya' coffee to start the day and before you train.

      It’s a bit ‘marmite’ mind, you'll either love it or you’ll hate it.

      Timing: In your morning coffee or pre-training. Watch your caffeine intake if it’s an evening session though, yes?

      Organic double cream is loaded with healthy fats, but if I'm honest this stuff just tastes f***ing unbelievable in ya' coffee like. It’s a single ingredient food and please, if I haven’t made you think about out-dated views on fat intake/cholesterol and made myself clear on such….email me!

      Timing: Not pre-workout! These fats are a lot heavier than coconut oil and take a lot longer to be broken down to be used as energy by the body. If it’s your first cuppa of the day however…champion!

      Grass-fed butter? In my coffee? Howay Neil, you’re taking the p***, right? Nope! Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it! A nice, lightly salted butter with coconut oil in my coffee is a cracking way to start the day.

      Timing: As per double cream. Not to be taken on board immediately pre-training please. But as a morning application (I’m an evening trainer), this aids in my fat intake and hitting my daily kCal macros.

      Either way. Getting more fat into your diet isn't difficult, just ‘pimp ya coffee!’ Oh, and no sugar please ☺

      Neil Johnson

      Budget Diets

      Budget Diets - Genetic Nutrition

      Usually the term ‘budget’ carries a sorta' stigma like. But if you are on a tight budget you can still eat a healthy diet. 

      And one with all of the ‘Big Neil’ commandments. . . . . Which I know is very important to you right! ☺

      I've lived off very restricted budgets at different times in my life, so I'll share some of the tips I used to stay on-point. And whilst I’m on a rant about budget here…I get the odd dig from people saying ‘I can’t afford to do what you say, blah, blah’.
      OK, I accept this in certain circumstances, not all can run to free-range organic shiz most of the time. But, when Mr. I Can’t Afford It blows £200 a week on the piss, then we really need to assess our statements!

      Anyhow, I digress. Again, lol. So……………

      Be flexible with what foods you are going to eat this week. Look at what's on offer and take advantage of the savings. Some weeks you might be eating more salmon from the fish counter, other week’s mackerel. You get the picture like.

      This one is golden: Get pally with ya' local butcher; it could save you a fortune man. Some will be good enough to let you buy at wholesale price if ya' buying more than your average grannie. Another good tip is to say you and 2 or 3 mates will buy your ‘bodybuilding’ food from them, if you get wholesale price. A smile and courtesy go a long way here too. Be grateful they are helping you. Win-Win and all that.

      OK, I’m a right pain in the arse for organic-this, grass-fed that, I admit it but…don't be a food snob and over pay unnecessarily for things which you don't need to! If you are on a budget I'd opt for frozen veg over organic and get the better quality stuff in the meat aisle (if you haven’t got close to your butcher yet).

      Local farms which sell eggs can be really cheap man but not only that, the quality is way better than the supermarkets! And check out the size of those bad-lads too ☺

      There's some cool tips for you, eh?

      Neil Johnson


      How to KILL Cravings

      How to KILL Cravings - Genetic Nutrition

      Man when I'm craving a Cornetto and it's not the right time to have one I can get the s**t-carb munchies, and it starts to distract me like!

      We've all been there, cravings start to tap you on the shoulder and before you know it you’ve managed to convince y'self it's a good idea.

      But I’m going to share 3 things you can do now to manage your cravings and possibly stop them in most cases.

      Sugar cravings kick in because you’re letting your blood sugar levels dip a bit too low man. So by being smart you can manage this shit easily.

      1. Fat: Y’know I'm a big fat man (not literally like……..barrrrompha……I get that one in every time, lol) and this is another advantage of having enough fat in our diet. Fats slow down digestion of foods and help moderate insulin spikes and drops. This means less quick-fix cravings!

      2. Fibre: Fibre is one of the best ways to manage your blood-sugar levels. It will slow down the digestion of meals and again help moderate any rapid rise in insulin levels which will always be followed by a big drop. A great way to increase fibre intake is using ‘Greens’ drink. You'll see a difference within 3-5 days!

      3. Sugars: Don't snack on sugary shit, especially in isolation because this will propel ya' blood sugar levels through the ceiling and then they'll come down even quicker. What goes up ‘n’ all that! Then 30 minutes later ya' cravings are kicking off again. Not smart man! We’re constantly riding a sugar-insulin wave with all the associated down-falls.

      Try and implement the above and see how your cravings subside. Oh, and if you haven’t already…..hang the ‘fat is bad for us’ hat on the spike once and for all, eh?

      Neil Johnson